Who have you named as director?

Do you like movies? I am a movie junkie. I like many different kinds of movies: love stories, dramas, suspense, comedies,  and even some documentaries. I'm not a huge fan of science fiction, and I will not watch horror movies. What are your favorite kinds of movies? I have a huge, God-size dream that one day Rescuing Hope will become a major motion picture. I call it a God-size dream because I know there is no way in the world I can make it happen. It's going to take divine intervention to make that dream a reality. Because of this [...]

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Is God dead or alive?

Picture by Kim Matthews Have you heard the song, God's Not Dead, by the Newboys?  It was written by my worship pastor, Daniel Bashta.  The song is originally titled Like a Lion, and was first released by David Crowder. While both the Newsboys and David Crowder have made the song popular among music listeners, you've never really heard the song as it was intended until you hear Daniel Bashta sing it live.  It's far more rocking and less subdued than Crowder did it and far less pop music than the Newsboys.  If you ever have the opportunity to [...]

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