Do you need an exterminator?

Did you ever live in an apartment in college? While many of my friends lived in apartments in college, I did not. One of my friends loves to tell the story of living in an apartment with multiple roommates at once, although only three of them were fellow guys, the other roommates were roaches. He said when he saw the first roach, he reacted as most people would, "Gross! Kill the thing." But then he became a little more comfortable with them in his apartment. He saw them, but he was busy doing other things so his response was more [...]

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Does God have a last name?

Have you ever had to sign a permission slip for your child to read a book for their literature class? I haven't. I have had to sign permission slips numerous times for them to watch a PG movie in history class. They even list the movies they'll view for the semester and I have the option of approving or disapproving the movies individually if I so desire. Yet, a teacher can assign any form of literature for students to read without parental consent, no matter how offensive. My daughter started a new novel today for her literature class. She sat [...]

Tattoo or Brand?

Do you have a tattoo? They seem to have become the rage these days. Friends of mine of all ages have recently gotten a tattoos.  I've seen giant crosses, lions, and the words hope and joy lately. Some people have tattoos in Hebrew or other languages. As I've shared in the past, I'll strike up a conversation with anyone and ask them almost anything. I always find it interesting to ask people the story behind their tattoo. Even those that weren't well thought out when they were done seem to have a story behind them. Unfortunately, not all tattoos you [...]

Who’s your daddy?

Happy Father's Day, Daddy! Don’t you just love it when a baby is born?  It is as if the Lord speaks in an audible voice saying, “Life should continue.”  My brother and his wife just had their third child, a beautiful, baby boy.  They named him Jacob. In Biblical times, names carried meaning to them.  In Genesis 17:5, God changes Abram’s name to Abraham because it meant father of many nations.  In Genesis 16:11 Hagar was told to name her son Ishmael “for the LORD has heard of your misery.”  In Genesis 32:8, God changes Jacob’s name to [...]

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What’s your name?

Hello, my name is... Do you remember the old  saying, Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me?  Lies, lies, lies!  Words hurt. Proverbs 18:21 says, The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” Matthew West played at the Resolution Hope 13A Campaign New Year’s Eve event and I bought his new CD.  I’ve been listening to it since I came home and I’ve nearly worn a groove in a couple of his songs.  One of them, Hello, my name is, happens to [...]

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