“If you request them, they will come!”

Are you planning on watching the Super Bowl this Sunday? Do you have a favorite team? I honestly haven't been paying attention to the teams playing. My focus on Super Bowl XLIX has been different from most. I've been focused on the impact it will have on sex trafficking in the Phoenix, Arizona area. While there are some people, some abolitionists included, who say events like the Super Bowl do not provide an increase of activity in the sex trade, news reports and rescue organizations seem to tell a different story. Whether it's the Super Bowl in Arizona or the [...]

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With a little help from my friends…….

How are you? Are you in a good place right now? Family doing well? Job going well? What about your health? We all go through good times and some not so good times in life. When life is going well, we're strong. We go through our days without skipping a beat. As my friend, Lynn, says, we're steady. However, we all encounter times when we just need some help. Our whole world doesn't need to be falling apart to need a little assistance. In fact, things can be going well, but we just encounter something we can't accomplish or overcome [...]

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What have YOU heard today?

What's God been saying to you lately? Anything? I feel confident the answer is yes. Now whether we're tuned into His frequency is another story. We have to slow down and settle ourselves to hear from Him. He tells us to, Be still and know I am God..." [Psalm 46:10] When was the last time you were still? If your world is like mine, you have to get up pretty early in the morning to find time to sit still and listen. The good news is when we do, we're in good company [Mark 1:35]. We have to be still [...]

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