Is it your responsibility?

An article I posted this week. Do you take the time to read articles in your newsfeed on Facebook? Do you click on the links in tweets on Twitter to read further on a topic? As many of you know, I am a huge advocate for victims of sex trafficking and try to use my social media platforms to raise awareness and hopefully serve as a catalyst for conversation. Once we have the conversation going, we can spur people into action. We have a huge problem in the United States with sex trafficking. I know it is a [...]

Miley Cyrus, the Talk of the Town

Have you kept up with all of the media coverage and blog postings about Miley Cyrus and her Video Music Awards performance? There have been people raking her over the coals for what she did while others want to sit down and talk to her and pray for her. Her name and her performance have drawn more coverage in cyberspace than anything I've seen lately. I have a question for you.  If you didn't see it live, did you click a  links on a newsfeed or in a blog posting and watch it? Did curiosity get the best of you [...]

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Panic or Peace?

Are you a worrier? Typically, I’m an easy going personality and don’t let things get to me. However, this morning when the first thing I read on my newsfeed was a story about a man being murdered on the streets of London while one person videotaped it and others passed by doing nothing, I switched into mama bear mode.  My son is in Europe studying abroad this summer. He will be traveling through multiple countries during his time there. Could this happen to him? Just before I went into full blown panic mode and started emailing him articles about this [...]

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