What ‘cha reading?

Have you picked up a magazine or newspaper lately or read the news online? It only takes one glance to see our world is on a fast train heading south. Crisis Magazine shined a light on the reality that sex trafficking is as close as our backyard. Eye Witness News reported of a six week old baby being raped by an uncle while the child's mother and grandmother watched television in another room. The Atlanta Journal and Constitution's online site, AJC.com,  reported how Tiger Wood's half brother was possibly involved in a bomb threat. The New York Times reported how the [...]

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Who are your friends on Facebook?

Are you on any form of social media? There are so many options out there.  There's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Tumbler, Google+, and so many more.  The other day I read an interesting newspaper article about sex trafficking and clicked the share button so I could post it on my Facebook page and the share screen that popped up was so long that I had to scroll down the page to see all of the possibilities.  It's crazy. How many social media networks are needed? Social media is an extension of school for most teens.  They communicate with friends, share [...]

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