Peace or Panic?

What do you do when bad news comes your way? Do you go into panic mode? Do you start calling everyone you know begging them to join you in prayer? Or do you have a very private panic attack? Yesterday, my daughter received a long anticipated email from her university. While it wasn't anything tragic, it wasn't necessarily the news she wanted. She was disappointed and close to tears when she called to share the news. She said couldn't really talk then because she was supposed to be meeting people but wanted me to know. I remember my brother making a similar [...]

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A Guaranteed Way to Grow Stronger

Are you a worrier? When you receive a bad doctor's report or the possibility of unpleasant news, do you worry about it? I have one friend who tells me if she worries about it, then it never happens. I think she's afraid not to worry about it for fear it would play out as she imagined. A dear friend of mine was just diagnosed with cancer. Needless to say, it came as a shock to her. She has a form of skin cancer on her tongue, of all places, and will have to have surgery removing part of her tongue. [...]

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Panic or Peace?

Are you a worrier? Typically, I’m an easy going personality and don’t let things get to me. However, this morning when the first thing I read on my newsfeed was a story about a man being murdered on the streets of London while one person videotaped it and others passed by doing nothing, I switched into mama bear mode.  My son is in Europe studying abroad this summer. He will be traveling through multiple countries during his time there. Could this happen to him? Just before I went into full blown panic mode and started emailing him articles about this [...]

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What do you do when panic comes knocking?

What do you do when panic comes knocking at your door?  My heart starts racing. I could easily freak out if I allowed myself to do so, but I make myself take a deep breath and remember, while this took me by surprise, it did not take God by surprise. When the unexpected happens, the best response is to talk to the One who knew it was going to happen all along.  After all, nothing is hidden from God [Hebrews 4:13].  Not only is it not hidden from Him, but Psalm 121:8 tells us, The LORD will watch over your coming and [...]

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