Show me………..

  Do you like the theater? I love going to plays and I especially love musicals. My favorite is My Fair Lady. No one has ever done it like Audrey Hepburn. She was magical as Eliza Doolittle. She's such a sassy character. One of the songs she sings in the play is called Show Me. The premise of the song is don't just say you love me, demonstrate it. Just in case you haven't ever seen it: [youtube][/youtube]   As my mama used to say, Actions speak louder than words." In James 2:14-18 he addresses the idea actions, however, he [...]

Obedience is the Key!

Are you a parent? If you aren't a parent, you had one. What would you say is the most common disciplinary phrase said by all parents at least once in their parenting career? Is it, "No!" or "Come here!" or what about my all time favorite I've heard parents say over and over, Because I said so!" That one always got me as a child. Does that mean there is no valid reason other than your desires? Now, before you get all riled up, I'm guilty of saying it too. It just really bugged me when I did. So I [...]

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Look out!

  Just one of six accidents. Don't worry, I was at a complete stop when I took this. What did you do this weekend? I had the privilege of speaking at the Wesley United Methodist Church Ladies Retreat in Charleston, South Carolina. I love Charleston, but I love the women of Wesley even more. We had a fabulous time. I drove home yesterday in the rain, most of which was heavy. It was a bit nerve wracking at times because it rained so hard I couldn't even see the taillights of the car in front of me. Needless [...]

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Even Judas!

Did you know today is called Maundy Thursday? I remember when I was little I used to think people were saying Monday Thursday. I thought they were confused about what day of the week it was. Were they calling it Monday Thursday because it felt like a Monday even though it was really Thursday? Clearly you can see why this would be confusing to a young person. It's actually called Maundy Thursday because the word Maundy means the washing of the feet. While today commemorates the Last Supper that took place before the crucifixion of Christ, there was also a foot washing [...]

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What do you expect?

When you ask God to move in a situation, what do you expect to happen? Do expect to be disappointed? Do you think He even hears you? Prayer is important. If it wasn't, Jesus wouldn't have done it. Yet, He prayed and He prayed often. He prayed early in the morning (Mark 1:35).  He prayed over meals (Matthew 26:26). And He prayed in crisis situations when He needed a miracle to happen (John 11:41-43). Jesus knew when He prayed, the Father heard Him. He trusted the Father to do what was best for everyone in any given situation. He encouraged [...]

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What’s in your wallet?

Do you ever struggle with doubt or unbelief?  I think we all do from time to time.  However, the more time we spend in the Word with Jesus, the more we begin to gain a clear picture of who He is and what He is capable of.  Whenever I begin to doubt my Jesus, it is usually because I forget who He is and start thinking of Him in human terms, confined by the same restraints as me. He isn’t. Peter had an opportunity to try something no man had ever done before.  God invited him to walk on water.  [...]

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