We Cannot Overlook the Middle

How do you celebrate Holy Week? Many Christians like to celebrate Palm Sunday and then skip over the week and go straight to Easter. Who could blame them; both are celebrations of positive, upbeat things. Palm Sunday is the celebration of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem riding on a donkey.You can find the full story in Mark 11:1-11. Did you ever wonder why He rode in on a donkey colt? I have to admit, I did until a few years ago. My senior pastor shared that donkey colts were reserved for kings; therefore, by Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a [...]

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What comes out when you squeeze?

How do you squeeze toothpaste on your toothbrush? Do you squeeze from the middle thus creating a bow effect with the tube? Or do you push the toothpaste to the end of the tube and then squirt, leaving part of the tube flattened with the other end bulging? These are important things to know. People have had knockdown drag-out fights over less than this. We can learn a lot from a tube of toothpaste and what happens to it when it's squeezed. For example, when you squeeze the tube of toothpaste, however you squeeze, what comes out of it? Toothpaste, [...]

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