Look what I found this morning…

  Look what I found this morning........ Do you have teenagers? They're an adventure. You never know what life is going to be like with teenagers around. They leave you all sorts of wonderful gifts around the house: dirty shoes on the floor, dirty dishes in odd places, and occasionally, they'll even leave you empty Gatorade jugs in your refrigerator. Seriously? Who does that? Especially when there are other choices. You can either put it in the sink to be washed (or if you're really amazing, you could wash it and put it away) or you can make [...]

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Play Ball!

Do you like baseball?  My husband, Mark, loves baseball.  He played baseball as a child all the way through high school.  His father was the commissioner of baseball where he grew up.  He taught our son, Sam, to play baseball and when Sam developed a love for the sport, Mark coached until Sam stopped playing in middle school.  He loves baseball.  More than anything, I think the real attraction for him to baseball is the strategy and teamwork required to play the game well. No one player is more important than any other.  While you need your pitcher to throw strikes, [...]

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