How 2 Teens Helped Rescue a Trafficking Victim

How can I help? What can I do?" I hear those questions more times than I can count in the fight against human trafficking. In many cases, it is followed by the statement, I'm just a ...." You fill in the blank. I'm just a mom. I'm just a school teacher. I'm just a dentist. I'm just a bookkeeper. I have yet to meet someone who learned about human trafficking only to throw their hands up , walk away and say they didn't care. Typically, the first time someone learns about it taking place in this country they're shocked. It's a lot to wrap [...]

Who got the votes last night?

Are you a fan of the Voice? Not only do we watch it, but we have friends who come watch it with us regularly. The commentary alone makes for a very entertaining evening, not to mention the great singing. This year the top five are all male vocalists. They're very different yet all are extremely talented. I'm honestly not sure who is going to make it to the finals: Craig Wayne Boyd, Matt McAndrew, Damien, Taylor John Williams, or Chris Jamison. Last night they had to sing two selections. The first song was chosen by their coach and the second they were [...]

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5 Ways You Can Fight Sex Trafficking in America

                         MSNBC Sex Slaves Do you ever watch MSNBC? It is one of the few networks that boldly shines a spotlight on the issue of sex trafficking in America through their series, Sex Slaves. They travel across the nation, highlighting various cities where law enforcement is taking steps to crack down on the purchasing of sex. Sometimes, the target is the demand side. Law enforcement agencies set up sting operations and use undercover police officers to pose as prostitutes. Once a deal is made, the john- the [...]

Who knew God offered writing lessons?

The Beatitudes Do you read many blogs? I have a couple that I read on a regular basis, because I enjoy them and because I'm able to learn from them.  One of the greatest tools we have as learners is other people.  Dave Ramsey suggests you find someone who is doing what you want to do well and study them.  It's like a living breathing classroom. One of the most well known bloggers in cyberspace is Michael Hyatt, the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing.  He seems to have a gazillion subscribers and he has multiple comments left [...]

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