IT’S FRONT LINE FRIDAY with TrueNorth Freedom Project

It's FRONT LINE FRIDAY! I have the privilege of introducing you to Anne Kerr, founder and president of TrueNorth Freedom Project. I met Anne in 2010 when we were both just getting our feet wet in the anti trafficking movement. She was a volunteer with Not For Sale. From there she went on to be director of Out of Darkness for a season and since then, she's been called to tackle the demand side of the issue. You're going to love getting to know Anne.  Let's get started: When did you first hear about the issue of sex trafficking? In [...]

Is it Grey or Black and White?

Are you a book person or do you prefer movies? I honestly enjoy both. Obviously, when I read the book and see the movie I am going to prefer one over the other, usually the book. I like the creative license a book gives me to make the characters look the way I want them to look and the scenery painted the way I see it in my mind's eye. There's a book that stirred up quite a controversy when it released in 2011, Fifty Shades of Grey. The conversation is being revisited because of the movie by the same [...]

Are you in someone else’s seat?

Do you remember the story of the Three Bears? I used to read it to my students when I taught kindergarten. It was always a favorite. The children loved how I'd read in different voices when I came to the line: Somebody's been sitting in my chair." They loved it when I came to the part of Goldilocks getting caught in baby bear's bed. They would giggle, because she got caught somewhere she didn't belong. How many of us are guilty of sitting somewhere we don't belong? Anyone? In truth we are all guilty of sitting in a seat that isn't ours....the judgment [...]

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FRONT LINE FRIDAY with Debbie Allen of BeLoved Atlanta

It's Front Line Friday. I'm excited to introduce you to Debbie Allen of BeLoved Atlanta, which provides a program and residential home for women who desire freedom from sexual exploitation in the city of Atlanta. Debbie is the Director of Operations and works with the residents on their daily logistics including transportation, doctor appointments, and documentation requirements etc.  You're going to love her. When did you first learn about the issue of sex trafficking? My first detailed information about trafficking was when I went to Costa Rica to serve with LightForce International, an anti-trafficking, non-profit organization working in San Jose. What [...]

Front Line Friday with Tammy Kennedy!

It's Front Line Friday! I am excited to introduce you to my friend, Tammy Kennedy. Tammy fights sex trafficking in a unique way. She tries to reach victims of childhood sexual abuse before they become a victim of sex trafficking. Through her program, she offers healing to these precious children and helps them discover who they are in Christ Jesus through the creative arts. She's very gifted and I know you're going to love to get to know here. When did you first learn about the issue of sex trafficking? I was trafficked myself as a child so I knew [...]

The damage can be devastating!

The NEW hole in our house made by flying squirrels. Are you a home owner? Owning a home is a blessing, but it can come with it's fair share of challenges also. Our most recent challenge is flying squirrels. They've decided they'd like to live with us without paying rent. In fact, like any unwanted guest, they're a bit costly. I was getting ready very early one morning when I heard what sounded like a wrestling match taking place over my head. It was very obvious something was running around in our attic. After a quick call to [...]

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Porn at Starbucks?

Are you a regular patron of Starbucks? I have to say it is a very convenient place to have a meeting. When looking for a place to meet for business or pleasure, there always seems to be a Starbucks close by. Yesterday, I had a meeting with a physician who read my book, Rescuing Hope, and wanted to meet with me to learn more about the issue of sex trafficking. She was familiar with it internationally, but knew very little about it domestically and wanted to learn more. I talked with her for over two hours answering her questions and [...]

Is sex trafficking something new?

"Is this something new or are we just now hearing about it?" That is a question I get asked a lot when I speak about the issue of sex trafficking. Unfortunately, it is not new. It has been going on for a long, long time. Ecclesiastes 1:9b says, ...there is nothing new under the sun." This past week I met with a woman who heard me speak last month. She contacted me through my website and asked if she could meet with me. She said she had a story to tell. We sat down at Starbucks one morning last week. [...]

Will you speak out? Your voice matters!

Who is your cellphone carrier? Are you with Metro PCS?  AT &T T? T Mobile? Verizon? Today is the Call2Action, launched by Dining for Dignity, asking people to raise their voice for hope and write to Verizon, call them, and use your social media for public outcry. Let them know you're not okay with them making movies available to their customers that depict children being raped by their parents and similar type movies. To learn more specifics about this issue, you can watch this video: [youtube][/youtube] Or read this article, where Morality in Media said, lewd titles like, "I Banged My Stepdad," "Mom, [...]

Are you seriously okay with that?

How does it happen? How does it suddenly become okay for one person to pay to rape another person? It doesn't..... I mean it doesn't happen suddenly. We live in a culture that shapes and molds us from a very early age to objectify women. People will reference movies and even television programs from time to time, pointing out the objectification of women. Others simply spout out, "Don't watch them if they offend you." What about the television commercials? Since when has provocative suntanning, that is so sexually explicit Youtube puts a warning for sexually graphic content on the video, [...]

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