Who are you? Who? Who? Who? Who?

Have you seen the latest bombardment on social media of quizzes? They lure you in to find out Which Friends CharacterAare You? Which Downton Abbey Character Are You?  What State Do You Actually Belong? What Disney Princess Are You? And they even have What Age Are You, Really?  All of these quizzes come from Buzzfeed and they have an endless supply of quizzes you can take to find out Who, What, and Which to just about anything... which suck your time away and truly tell you nothing. Why do we take these quizzes? Is it just for kicks? Are we that bored with [...]

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A Note of Love

Are you one of those people who keeps cards through the years?  I have almost every card my husband has ever given me.  After twenty-two years of marriage, I’ve accumulated a few boxes of cards. I have laugh until you cry cards, I have crying cards, I have tender cards.  He’s bought them all.  I’ve come across a box of them from time to time and find myself sitting down, reading through them.  I can remember the phase of life we were in based on the card and the words he penned inside them. Today is my birthday, and he [...]

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