Run to Home Base!

Did you ever play tag growing up? Someone is IT  and that person runs around trying to tag the others who hide, run, and do everything within their power to stay away from IT. If a player gets tired of running and hiding, she can run to home base, which is usually a tree or stump somewhere, and as long as she's at base IT cannot get to her. My brothers used to get mad if I spent too much time at base and tell me I had to keep running. We played tag for hours on end when I was a young girl. Isn't it [...]

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Is somebody watching you?

My very first 5K race: Celebrate Freedom at Jim Miller Park Have you ever felt like someone was watching you? It may be more true than you think. About a year and a half ago a friend of mine, Kristin McLendon, ran a half marathon.  She started running to get in shape after giving birth to her son. I witnessed the entire transformation and was thrilled for her when she completed her goal, the half marathon. A seed was planted. I had absolutely no desire to run a half marathon, but I did have a desire to get [...]

The Fight Can Be Fun

Piedmont Park Did you have a good weekend? It was beautiful here in Atlanta. Did you get outside and enjoy the warm weather? Or did you take a trip for Father's Day? There was a lot going on in Atlanta not just for family fun, but also in the fight against sex trafficking in America. People often ask me, What can I possibly do to make a difference?" My husband and I spent Saturday morning in Piedmont Park running the Wellspring Living Run for One 5K. The weather was perfect for a morning run and the scenery was spectacular. There [...]

What do you see?

Are you a runner?  As I've said before, I am not.  It is nearly killing me trying to get to where I can run a 5K with my son without dying the moment I cross the finish line.  I've had to overcome some bizarre obstacles along the way, like developing strep in my ankle. It was impossible to run at all for three weeks after I'd only been running for three weeks.  I had to start all over again, but I refused to give up. This past week I was volunteering at a student summer camp, which meant I wasn't [...]

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How will you respond?

Boston Marathon Do you have any runners in your family? If so, the Boston Marathon bombing probably hit a little close to home for you.  My younger brother, Steve, is an Ironman.  I've followed him in a race, cheering him on as he went.  I've been by his side, encouraging him along those last few steps, screaming for joy for him as he crossed the finish line.  My father has also run a marathon, where I've been there calling his name, cheering him on to the last step.  Never did I think either would be in danger of [...]

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