Children should be found in schools, not brothels!

It's about that time again. You know the time.... when traffic in the city feels like it's doubled because you have to encounter Big Yellow everywhere you go. Who is Big Yellow? Big Yellow is the school bus and he seems to be everywhere and always, somehow, in front of you slowing down your frantic race to your next destination. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's back to school time. For me, a North Carolinian, it seems way to early to be sending children to school. In North Carolina the summer months are June, July and August. They even passed a [...]

What’s on your wish list?

Have you made your wish list yet? Do you know how many days there are until Christmas? 86! There are only 86 shopping days left this year. Does that send any of you a panic?  If it helps at all, there's a website that is completely devoted to the Christmas countdown. You can find it here. I don't know if you keep a running wish list for Christmas or not, but I'm really curious to know if you keep a running wish list for God? Some people call it a prayer list, things they're asking God for or to do in [...]

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Whatta ya have?

When you were little, did you buy lunch in the cafeteria or did you bring a sack lunch from home? Every now and then I would buy my lunch, but for the most part I would take my lunch to school.  My mom packed the best sack lunches.  I always had a sandwich, some type of chips, a piece of fruit and her homemade cookies.  It was the perfect amount to fill me up for the afternoon and I never threw anything away.  She knew exactly how much food I would eat and that's what she packed. There was another [...]

What now?

What comes to mind when you hear of tragedies like what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary school this past Friday? Do you picture your children’s faces or those of your nieces and nephews?  Do you think back to your own years in public school? It seems like school shootings are becoming more and more common. We live in a fallen world, although we don’t give it much thought until evil comes knocking. Evil is no respecter of persons.  No one is immune to being targeted by the evil one.  1 Peter 5:8 tells us, Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy [...]

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