5 Myths About Human Trafficking

How do you define truth? Webster's Dictionary defines it as: the real facts about something;  the things that are true; the quality or state of being true..." and it defines true as being: agreeing with the facts; not false; real or genuine. " The enemy loves taking a bit of truth, adding a few false statements, mixing them together and presenting the revised version as truth. There's just enough truth in it to be confusing to some. Others buy it as truth because they recognize some of it so they assume it all must be accurate. He did this to Eve [...]

It’s time to kill the serpent!

Do you like snakes?  I cannot stand them. I tend to avoid them at all costs. I did; however, have one come into my house once.  Scared me half to death. My son wanted to chop him up, in my kitchen. Needless to say, I didn't allow that to happen. We did managed to get it out of the house, but not without some drama. You can read about it here. Snakes are curious things.  If you do go to kill them by chopping them, you have to severe the head from the body.  You cannot just cut the tail [...]

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