Why you need to meet their need…

What are your needs? As I sit in Starbucks this morning looking at the line of people filing in and out of the front door, I think many of them would say they need coffee. When I was growing up we all knew we needed for our mama to have her coffee in the morning before seeing us or it was bad for everyone. I'm fortunate in that I can take it or leave it. I really view it more as a treat than a need, but others would say I'm crazy. What are your actual needs? The things that [...]

I’m Not a Fan of Grey Bears

Did you ever have a teddy bear growing up? It is a very common gift for people to give to an expectant mother. It is also a common gift given on Valentine's Day as an expression of love and affection. A couple of days ago I had one of my readers contact me about a catalog she received in the mail from the Vermont Teddy Bear Company. She said she has ordered teddy bears from them for years to give as gifts; however, she wouldn't be ordering from them ever again. Why? Because they have chosen to venture down a [...]

The damage can be devastating!

The NEW hole in our house made by flying squirrels. Are you a home owner? Owning a home is a blessing, but it can come with it's fair share of challenges also. Our most recent challenge is flying squirrels. They've decided they'd like to live with us without paying rent. In fact, like any unwanted guest, they're a bit costly. I was getting ready very early one morning when I heard what sounded like a wrestling match taking place over my head. It was very obvious something was running around in our attic. After a quick call to [...]

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Who goes to jail?

Who goes to jail? When police have a bust in a hotel room where prostitution is taking place, who goes to jail? Historically, the pimp (the seller of sex) was nowhere to be found, the john (the purchaser of sex) was sent on his way and the girl was the one put in handcuffs and carted downtown for mug shots and lockup. She was the one soliciting, therefore, she's the criminal. Thankfully, because of grassroots efforts and faith based organizations uniting to raise awareness, that has changed. In the state of Georgia groups gathered to lobby for stiffer penalties for [...]

Porn, Strip Clubs and Sex Trafficking. Is there a connection?

What do you think men have to say about sex trafficking? I'm sure there are plenty who don't want to hear about it. They don't want to draw attention to it, because then they'd have to accept responsibility for their part in it. However, last night I had the privilege of hearing from several men who aren't only talking about it, but they've dedicated their lives to fighting it. Nor For Sale hosted an event with men in mind called Men: A Solution to Modern-Day Slavery. Other than state director, Emily Laney, doing a brief introduction, the entire evening consisted [...]

Let’s talk about sex!

What do you do when you see an article about sex trafficking posted on Facebook or Twitter?  Do you read it? Do you scroll down and ignore it? Or do you simply forward it to someone, like me, who you know is in the fight against human sex trafficking? Let's face it, no one enjoys reading those articles, even me; however, we cannot afford to look the other way.  Our nation's greatest treasure is being plundered right before our very eyes, within our boarders.  While it may not be your son or daughter in the article, it could be. This [...]

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