Are you bringing Jesus this Christmas?

Do you collect anything at Christmas time? For a while I collected Christmas tea pots. That fad passed quickly and I switched to snowmen. The top of my entertainment center looks like we had a major snow storm, I have so many snowmen up there. The most recent thing I've been collecting is nativity scenes. There are so many unique ones out there. I love the idea of buying them from different countries, but clearly I have some traveling that needs to take place because the only international nativities I have are a small nativity a former student brought me from Israel [...]

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He can’t wait………

Do you have children? If so, are they living at home still or have you experienced the empty nest? This school year my husband, Mark, and I became empty nesters. Just yesterday I saw a meme of a bird perched on the side of  an empty nest with a worm in it's mouth and it read, Now what am I supposed to do?" I can honestly say I haven't had to ask now what because the Lord has kept me occupied, but I miss my children. I miss sitting on the sofa with them for hours on end, laughing and talking through [...]

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Which way do you go?

When you're driving somewhere and you come to a fork in the road, what do you do? For me, if I clearly know where I'm going, like when I come to the fork in the road that leads to my parent's house, I choose the road the is familiar to me. I choose the road that takes me to my destination the quickest. However, if it is a road that is unfamiliar to me, I look for road signs or follow the directions of my GPS to get me to my destination. So how do we know the right path [...]

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Got friends?

Do you have a crew? Peeps? People? You know what I'm talking about, a group of friends that you live life with, rely on when the chips are down, and back you up when needed? We all need people in our lives, even the most introverted among us. When need others to lean on when times get difficult. We need people who will call us out when we're heading down the wrong path. And we simply need people to laugh with in life. Many of the girls  who come out of the sex trade only to return again do so [...]

“Go home, Rusty dog, go home!”

Does your family like to tell stories of things that happened in the past? It never seems to fail when my family comes together the story telling begins. Sometimes a new story will be added to the mix, but you can always count on someone bringing up and old story and telling it as if those gathered around have never heard it. One of my funniest memories of my sister-in-law, Kim, is when we were all gathered around the dinner table and my mother started into a story we’d all heard a million times.  Apparently, Kim wasn’t up to hearing [...]

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