Drop anchor!

The anchor from the pirate ship in St. Augustine. Have you ever been on a ship? I've had the privilege of going a cruise before. It was quite fabulous. This summer I had the chance to walk around on a working ship that is a replicated pirate ship. While the ship is fully functioning with bathrooms, a galley, and such, it wasn't a cruise ship. The thing that fascinated me the most about this ship was the anchor. It was huge, ginormous, to  steal a word from Elf. They told us how much it weighed, but I was [...]

Are you covered?

"Um, is this working?" Did it rain at your house last night? We had a torrential downpour here in Atlanta, accompanied by thunder, lightning and the occasional flicker of the power. It wouldn't have been so bad except we had fifteen college age kids crammed in one room for Bible study, without their cell phones. We have a practice of leaving our cell phones in the bowl at the door when we come in so we don't get distracted, so when the power went off no one had a flashlight handy. Thankfully, it only stayed off about a [...]

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What a week!

Hasn't it been a crazy week? First we were rocked as a nation by the bombing at the Boston Marathon and then the explosion of the fertilizer plant in Texas.  It seems like everywhere you go people are talking about one situation or the other.  Facebook has blown up with posts.  Some have been news stories and others have been declaration so of prayer for the victims of either catastrophe.  As a nation, we've felt raw this week. I came across a video clip of the explosion in Texas.  It was taken by a man on his cellphone.  He was [...]

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What do you do when panic comes knocking?

What do you do when panic comes knocking at your door?  My heart starts racing. I could easily freak out if I allowed myself to do so, but I make myself take a deep breath and remember, while this took me by surprise, it did not take God by surprise. When the unexpected happens, the best response is to talk to the One who knew it was going to happen all along.  After all, nothing is hidden from God [Hebrews 4:13].  Not only is it not hidden from Him, but Psalm 121:8 tells us, The LORD will watch over your coming and [...]

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