It’s time!

What is your favorite part of the day? Are you a morning person? Do you jump up quickly when you hear the beeping of your alarm clock? Or are you more a middle of the day person. You like being in the midst of the grind with people around you and the buzz of the day? Could it be the evening? Coming home and propping your feet up at the end of a long day? Me? I prefer mornings. I love sunrises, because they are a promise of new light, new life, and new beginnings. I like the quiet of a [...]

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What many have lost since their youth……….

Do you ever wish you were younger? Do you miss those days gone by when life was carefree and you didn't seem to have a worry in the world? Yesterday was my birthday. My husband has taken my birthday off ever since we've been married and spent the entire day with me. This year, however, he had to be out of town on a business trip that was unavoidable. I took the opportunity to spend time with both of my children on their respective campuses. I spent the morning with my daughter and her friends, having breakfast together and laughing until our [...]

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How to live a stress free life…

Have you ever played Follow the Leader? Do you prefer to be the leader or the follower? It has been said, “Where there is a void of leadership, Susan will step in.” I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I don’t have to be in charge, but I like to know that someone is running things. When I lead, I like to have a plan.  For example, when I take a short term mission team into the field, I hold multiple training meetings. I like to educate them on where they’re going, how to prepare, [...]

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Are you investing wisely?

Do you have a good handle on your finances? Do you know where each dollar goes every month and is it budgeted? Or are you the kind of person that gets to the end of your money before you get to the end of your month? More often than not, I come across people who have financial struggles.  They work hard and wouldn't consider themselves frivolous with their funds, but it's just hard to get by sometimes.  Then I see all of these ministries, organizations and people trying to do Kingdom work, and they never seem to have enough money to do [...]

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Stress or Peace?

What is the most urgent thing on your "to do" list today in preparation for Christmas?  Is it mailing your Christmas cards? Or are you like me and you haven't even thought about the  picture for your Christmas cards.  Maybe your "to do" list is filled with names of people you have to purchase gifts for and wrap.  Have you started your baking yet?  Party planning and juggling the Christmas calendar of events you've been invited to attend? Life has been a bit chaotic for me lately, without adding my Christmas "to do" list to the mix.  Just to give [...]

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