It’s Friday, but Sunday’s comin’!

Can you believe Easter is just a few days away? One week from today is Good Friday, the day Christ was crucified. I've often thought it should be called Black Friday because the sky turned black at the death of Jesus; however, it had to happen. If Good Friday didn't take place, there'd be no Easter, no grace, no gift. Sometimes in life really bad things must happen in order to reach the really good. Thankfully, we don't take up residence in the bad, we're just passing through [Psalm 23:4]. Are you in the midst of something really bad? In [...]

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It’s only Friday, Sunday’s Coming!

When you're in the midst of a deep, dark season of life, do you call it good?  Is it something you'd knowingly walk into and anticipate? If you're like most people, the answer to both of those questions would be a resounding, "NO!" Most people don't like to experience pain and suffering. In fact, we attempt to avoid it at all costs; however, there are times when God uses pain and suffering to reveal His glory to a dark and dismal world. Today is Good Friday. We call it good, but Isaiah 53:3-10 reminds us it is the day, He [...]

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