Do you like to swim? I enjoy the water, even though I'm not a very good swimmer. My nephew loves the water; he's like a little fish. He is turning five years old next week and he has chosen to have a swim party, which is impressive in the middle of January in Colorado. Fortunately, there is a community center nearby with a swimming pool. Kolby used to be scared of the water. He would play along the edge with his toys, but he didn't care a thing about getting into the water. He reminded me of Sam when he [...]

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Do you hear them?

Have you ever attended a running race? I've been to four as a spectator and two as a competitor. One of my favorite races to follow was my brother's Ironman race in Florida several years ago. The level of determination on the faces of the competitors was impressive. They swam 2 miles in the ocean, biked 113 miles and then ended the race by running a marathon. Any of those legs of the race on it's own is impressive, but to combine the three in one day is borderline insane. Our family traveled to various points along the race route [...]

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