Are you playing your part?

Is spring bursting around you? I've seen evidence at every turn. The cherry trees were the first to bloom around here. The Bradford Pear trees were next. While they look beautiful, they smell like a basket of stinky socks. I haven't seen a butterfly yet. I'm still looking because my grandmother used to tell me I couldn't go barefooted until I've seen a white butterfly. Don't tell her, but I cheat and kick my shoes off at the first sign of spring. One of the things I have noticed lately is the symphony of birds outside each morning. They play [...]

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How long?

Have you been praying for something for a while? You feel like you've asked and asked and asked God for it but you haven't seen even a glimmer of hope. Or maybe you feel like He told you something either in your quiet time or in a dream, like Joseph, and you haven't seen any sign of it happening? What do you do? Well, if you're like Joseph, you keep doing what is in front of you and make an impact there [Genesis 37-40]. No matter where life took him, whether favorable conditions or not, Joseph worked faithfully at whatever [...]

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Do you want to be a Superhero?

Did you grow up watching the super heroes on television?  I have two brothers, so I saw nearly every episode of Batman, Superman, The Incredible Hulk, and more.  We also watched Wonder Woman. Even as young children, we all like to believe there are people in the world who will go the extra mile to help others. We all need a hero. Unfortunately, they seem harder and harder to find in our world. There are people who will gladly give and do for those they deem worthy, but there are others who never seem to catch a break, never have [...]

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