Look out! Danger’s lerking!

Have you ever been in a car accident? I've only been in one and thankfully, it was minor. On my trip to Kentucky and back, I passed multiple car accidents. Some were minor; however, others were not so fortunate. One accident I passed blocked all three lanes of the interstate and had traffic at a standstill for miles. There were multiple rescue vehicles present and it appeared paramedics were working on multiple people in the middle of the road. I couldn't help but think those people being attended to were somebody's brother or sister, someone's son or daughter. When I was about [...]

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Guess what I dug up?

Do you like colorful flowers in your yard?  I do.  I can blame it on my grandmother. Her yard always looked like the cover of a Southern Living magazine.  She would spend hours in her yard each day, pulling weeds, digging in the dirt and creating a spread of color that would rival a paint palette.  It took a lot of work on her part, but she was always pleased with her results and said it was more than worth the time she dedicated to it. I did some digging of my own. I didn't pull out my gardening gloves or [...]

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