Thank YOU!

It's Thanksgiving week and I'm excited. Traffic on the interstates will soon be moving at a snail's pace. Do you have to experience it? One year, traffic was so bad my younger brother turned his car off while sitting on the interstate to conserve gas. It's crazy. Airports are equally as hectic. Not only are there thousands of people trying to fly home, but then the weather could change quickly create a logistical nightmare. Why do we do it? Why do we endure the hassle of traveling this week every year? What makes it so special? Whether with neighbors, friends or family, we [...]

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Are you really thankful for THAT?

What comes to mind when you think of November? Do you think about Thanksgiving or are you like American retailers and immediately jump from Halloween to Christmas? Do you think of Pilgrims and Indians, turkey, or pumpkin pie? One thing I miss about teaching elementary school is the large celebrations of any and every holiday. Children will embrace them all. November was always one of my favorite times of year teaching because we talked a lot about the birth of our nation. Many people think Thanksgiving was celebrated as a time to be thankful for coming to a new land [...]

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A Guaranteed Way to Grow Stronger

Are you a worrier? When you receive a bad doctor's report or the possibility of unpleasant news, do you worry about it? I have one friend who tells me if she worries about it, then it never happens. I think she's afraid not to worry about it for fear it would play out as she imagined. A dear friend of mine was just diagnosed with cancer. Needless to say, it came as a shock to her. She has a form of skin cancer on her tongue, of all places, and will have to have surgery removing part of her tongue. [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

How will you celebrate Thanksgiving this year? Will you be traveling to spend the holiday with family? Or will you be entertaining guests at your house? I will be cooking a feast, beginning Tuesday, preparing everyone’s favorite dishes for the big meal on Thursday. It is one of my favorite times of the year because I love to cook and have people gathered in our home. We have a tradition of inviting friends who don’t have family close by to join ours for the holiday celebration. Another of our traditions is to have everyone share what they are thankful for [...]

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