Have you ever tried to have a meaningful conversation with a teenager when he's in a room full of friends with the television going on and he's texting someone? Or a toddler who has a room full of toys before her and a Disney movie on the television? It's nearly impossible. You may get grunts and head shakes at the appropriate times, but what are they really grasping? And if they convey anything in return, other than a grunt, does it make any sense to the conversation? Now, is it any wonder people are always saying God never speaks to them? God [...]

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Do you live anywhere near railroad tracks? I didn't until my adult life, but now it's not uncommon for me to hear a train whistle blowing multiple times a day. A train's whistle announces the approaching train to all who are within earshot. I can hear the whistle blowing in various parts of the city; however, it is only when I'm close to where tracks cross over the road that I experience the triple warning: the train whistle blowing the crossing bars coming down the crossing bells ringing with lights blinking The United States Railroad system has experienced enough tragedy from trains [...]

Spa anyone?

Have you ever been to a spa party? A dear friend of mine is a new consultant for Lemongrass Spa, so I agreed to host her launch party. It has been a decade since I've hosted a home party. When my children were little, home parties were my outlet to the adult world. It was one of the few times when Cheerios and Goldfish weren't on the snack table. A chance for adult conversation was enough of a reason to host a party. I think I hosted about every kind of home party on the market at the time: Pampered [...]

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Seven Days of Hope: Day 4, A Life Derailed

Have you ever ridden on a train?  I mean other than the little ones that go around a figure eight track at the fair?  I’ve ridden on the Tweetsie train in Boone, North Carolina, but I haven’t done any real rail travel.  It is said to be fast, efficient, economical and relatively safe; however, they can derail causing inconveniences, injuries and, sometimes, death.  Just a quick Google search this morning turned up an article about a train derailing in New York City and one derailing in Chicago, two cities who are known for their rail travel. A derailing train is [...]

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