From Trash to Treasure

Do you recycle? Do you your have a trashcan where you dispose of your waste and then have a separate can where you dispose of your recyclable materials? Many people just throw everything in a trashcan and call it a day. They don't bother with taking the time to separate out things that can be used again from those things that are simply garbage. They see it all as waste. To recycle takes time and effort. This past weekend as I drove to meet a friend for lunch I passed by a festival in a park. It seemed to go on [...]

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Do you have an unopened letter?

Do you like sending cards or letters? I know with texting, emails, Facetime, and cellphones very few people actually use snail mail to communicate with others anymore. I personally think there's something special about opening a mailbox - one you can physically touch verses one online - and finding a card or letter from someone. It says you matter to someone. Someone took time and effort to either pick out the perfect card for you or took time to write out a letter by hand. My great aunt lived to be 100 years old before leaving this earth. She was [...]

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Look what I found this morning…

  Look what I found this morning........ Do you have teenagers? They're an adventure. You never know what life is going to be like with teenagers around. They leave you all sorts of wonderful gifts around the house: dirty shoes on the floor, dirty dishes in odd places, and occasionally, they'll even leave you empty Gatorade jugs in your refrigerator. Seriously? Who does that? Especially when there are other choices. You can either put it in the sink to be washed (or if you're really amazing, you could wash it and put it away) or you can make [...]

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What’s the value?

Have you found a penny on the ground lately? I find one every now and then. I used to pass them by thinking why bother. Now I pick them up and see them as God's little reminder to trust Him as I read "In God We Trust" imprinted on the coin. As a child I used to like it when I would get a brand new, shiny penny. There was something about the sparkle of it that I found more attractive than a dirty, old penny. It made no sense because the value of it was the same, but I [...]

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Give or take?

Do you like getting gifts? What about receiving them? I love, love, love to give people gifts. One of my favorite parts of Christmas is gift giving. I honestly have more fun watching people open the gifts I give them, than opening gifts myself, especially when it's something they weren't expecting. This Christmas my husband was the one I was able to surprise in a big way. He had opened all of his gifts, or so he thought, when I started looking around the room as if I was searching for something. I told him he had one more gift [...]

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