Are you really thankful for THAT?

What comes to mind when you think of November? Do you think about Thanksgiving or are you like American retailers and immediately jump from Halloween to Christmas? Do you think of Pilgrims and Indians, turkey, or pumpkin pie? One thing I miss about teaching elementary school is the large celebrations of any and every holiday. Children will embrace them all. November was always one of my favorite times of year teaching because we talked a lot about the birth of our nation. Many people think Thanksgiving was celebrated as a time to be thankful for coming to a new land [...]

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Who will hold the pen?

Happy New Year! 2015 has begun. Do you have any traditions for ringing in the new year? Do you gather with friends and family? Do you go out or stay in? I don't have any grand traditions for New Year's Eve particularly, but I do have some things I like to do before the ball drops. I pack all of my Christmas decorations away and give the house a thorough cleaning so I start the New Year off with things in order. Granted, it only takes hours with everyone home for the order to be reordered, but at least the year [...]

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What does your route look like?

A photo from my run at Holden Beach, North Carolina. Have you been on vacation yet? I had the opportunity this past week to go to Holden Beach with both of my brothers and their families and my parents. Because we're spread out across the country, this was the first time in five years we've been together. It was fun to have some quality time with everyone. Since I haven't done much running since recovering from plantar faciitis and I have a 5K coming up, I knew it would be important to continue with my training. I stuck to the [...]

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Delightful Creations

Have you started your Christmas baking?  I spent yesterday morning in the kitchen baking away.  It's therapeutic for me to create in the kitchen.  Everyone in the family has a favorite baked goody they look for around Christmas, so it takes a couple of days to get it all done.   I had Nat King Cole's The Christmas Song playing softly in the background and the kitchen was growing warm from the oven working overtime. As they say where I grew up, "I was in hog heaven." When it came time to make my snowmen on a stick, I fired up the [...]

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