Do you remember?

Do you have a favorite Christmas decoration? Something you pull out year after year that represents a special person or place? I love my nativity scenes. I have started collecting them. I have a nativity scene made out of olive wood from the Holy Land a friend brought me back from her trip there. When I look at this particular nativity scene, it makes me think of my dear friend but it also causes me to long for the day when I will be able to go to Israel and see the sights for myself. I have a hand carved [...]

Seven Days of Hope: Day 1, What do you hope for?

My hope list for 2012. What do you hope for? Is there something that you long to have or see happen?  At the beginning of this year, during one of my quiet times, I vividly remember God asking me, Why do you think so little of Me?” Surely, I had heard God wrong.  Why on earth would I think so little of Him, the creator of heaven and earth [Genesis 14:19, 22]?  So, I asked Him, God, why do you say I think so little of You?  I think of you all the time.” He wasn’t questioning how [...]

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