Are you seriously okay with that?

How does it happen? How does it suddenly become okay for one person to pay to rape another person? It doesn't..... I mean it doesn't happen suddenly. We live in a culture that shapes and molds us from a very early age to objectify women. People will reference movies and even television programs from time to time, pointing out the objectification of women. Others simply spout out, "Don't watch them if they offend you." What about the television commercials? Since when has provocative suntanning, that is so sexually explicit Youtube puts a warning for sexually graphic content on the video, [...]

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What happens after the big game?

Did you watch the Superbowl? It was a sad day for Denver Bronco fans. They just couldn't seem to get things going. The Seattle Seahawks came out of the gate ready for a fight and the seemed to take the game by a big lead early on and protect it to the end. Thousands of people watched, some in person, but most by television. It is arguably the biggest sporting event in America. It attracts even the most casual of sports fans. Now that its over, everyone will go back to life as usual. Oh, there may be a little [...]

Have you told two friends?

Have you ever used Faberge shampoo? I wouldn't even be able to tell you what the bottle looks like if it wasn't for Google, but I can tell you about their commercials. The company's advertising team was brilliant. Everyone knew their commercials.[youtube][/youtube]       Even Saturday Night Live did a spoof on them with Mike Meyers as his character from Wayne's World, as Wayne Campbell. It's all about the power of words. You can help spread an idea or concept simply by passing on what you know. The more it catches on, the faster is spreads. It's like gossip. [...]

There’s an APP for that!

What do you do when you see a young girl dressed scantily? Do you move your family as far away from her as you can, hoping they didn't notice her? Do you reach out to her, hoping to learn if she's in trouble or not? Domestic sex trafficking is a real and growing issue. We'd all like to think it only takes place in third world countries, but the reality is it takes place not only in our nation, but in our cities and neighborhoods. According to Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute, the term sex trafficking means, the recruitment, [...]

Praying in Freedom for the Captives

Interstate 20 Do you believe prayer works? You sit and pour out your heart to the Lord and hope to see Him move. Sometimes you pray the same thing for days, weeks, months or years without seeing any activity. Do you think He hears your or is He just too busy? A friend of mine stood in church yesterday and shared how God answered a prayer she'd been praying for some time now. She has family in south Georgia she visits fairly regularly.  This trip takes her up and down interstate 20. Since she makes that trip alone, [...]

Speak up!

The Message Do you ever read The Message Bible?  Every year I try to choose a new translation of the Bible to read through for the year and this year I've chosen The Message.  It's a great version of the Bible to give to someone who struggles with understanding the Bible.  It reads like a conversation. This morning out of curiosity, I flipped to a couple of verses God has placed heavy on my heart to see how they read.  The verse I've been chewing on the past week or so is Proverbs 31:8, Speak up for the people [...]

Seven Days of Hope: Day 4, A Life Derailed

Have you ever ridden on a train?  I mean other than the little ones that go around a figure eight track at the fair?  I’ve ridden on the Tweetsie train in Boone, North Carolina, but I haven’t done any real rail travel.  It is said to be fast, efficient, economical and relatively safe; however, they can derail causing inconveniences, injuries and, sometimes, death.  Just a quick Google search this morning turned up an article about a train derailing in New York City and one derailing in Chicago, two cities who are known for their rail travel. A derailing train is [...]

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Seven Days of Hope: Day 3, What can one person do?

Have you ever heard the story of the starfish?  It’s a story by Loren Eisley about a man walking down the beach who sees a boy frantically picking up starfish that had washed upon the shore, throwing them back into the ocean.  When the man asked the boy what he was doing, he said he was throwing the starfish back into the ocean so they wouldn’t die.  The cynical man told the boy there were miles and miles of starfish. He could work all day and he’d never make a difference.  The boy tossed another starfish in the ocean, smiled [...]

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