Why you need to meet their need…

What are your needs? As I sit in Starbucks this morning looking at the line of people filing in and out of the front door, I think many of them would say they need coffee. When I was growing up we all knew we needed for our mama to have her coffee in the morning before seeing us or it was bad for everyone. I'm fortunate in that I can take it or leave it. I really view it more as a treat than a need, but others would say I'm crazy. What are your actual needs? The things that [...]

Look out!

  Just one of six accidents. Don't worry, I was at a complete stop when I took this. What did you do this weekend? I had the privilege of speaking at the Wesley United Methodist Church Ladies Retreat in Charleston, South Carolina. I love Charleston, but I love the women of Wesley even more. We had a fabulous time. I drove home yesterday in the rain, most of which was heavy. It was a bit nerve wracking at times because it rained so hard I couldn't even see the taillights of the car in front of me. Needless [...]

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Can you make a horse drink?

Serenbe Stables Have you ever ridden a horse? The very first time I ever rode a horse was at Frontier Young Life Camp in Colorado. The horse seemed to know what he was doing. I, clearly, did not. They guide told me the horse, named Peaches, was a line trained horse and would know where to go, when to walk and when to run. My only task was to stay on the horse and follow the guide's instructions. That should be easy, right? Famous last words. I did really well when we started out of the gate down [...]

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Surviving or thriving?

Does God talk to you in your day to day happenings? I find that He will strike up a conversation with me when I least expect it. How you might ask? When a thought enters my mind that I know isn't mine, it's usually Him. This morning I was watering my plants in the backyard and that's where it started. I realized it had been a few days since I'd watered them. I'm notorious for buying beautiful plants, planting them in the ground and forgetting about them, expecting them to thrive on their own. They don't ever survive. I find [...]

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I witnessed a miracle…..

Do you believe in miracles? I not only believe in them, but when I get out of God's way and allow Him to be God, I get to experience them. Let me explain... This past weekend I had to travel to Greensboro, North Carolina to speak at the Refuse to Do Nothing event at Westover Church. There are several ministries in the Charlotte area I've connected with in the fight against sex trafficking and I wanted to meet with them face to face, so I drove up a day early and stopped in Charlotte. I scheduled one breakfast meeting and one lunch meeting. [...]

Drink deep; it’s gonna be a long day!

Do you like yard work? My grandmother had the most beautiful yard. It would have rivaled any cover of Southern Living Magazine. She would spend hours and hours in her yard before most people finished breakfast. She had as many colors splashed across her yard as a Crayola Crayon Box. It was stunning. Me, I did not inherit her green thumb. I used to consider buying silk flowers and sticking them in the ground because everything I planted would look great for about three days and then die. When discussing this with my mother several years ago, she laughed and [...]

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Did you know they did that at the Georgia Aquarium?

Have you ever been to the Georgia Aquarium?  It is the largest aquarium in the world which houses 120,000 animals, representing 500 species, in 8.5 million gallons of water.  That's a lot of water. I have to admit, when we were driving there, I wasn't overly excited about spending the day looking at fish, but I was blown away by what we were able to see.  A dear friend of ours dives at the aquarium on a weekly basis to help take care of the habitats and feed the fish. He met us there and gave us a behind the [...]

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